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Terminology Management

Terminology management is one of the key factors that lead to successful localization of a software application, in which you need to make sure of using the UI terms consistently among the software strings and documents.

Creation of Terminology List -- a pre-translation task

We provide a service to create a list of source and target pair terms from your existing resources, which will be used for translation of new documents.

We can extract the terms from your files using our own macros systematically and efficiently. We can also convert your source and target software string files into a terminology list in a variety of forms: Trados Multiterm database, Excel sheet, tab-delimited text file, etc.

Verification of Terminology in Translation -- a post-translation task

We can verify the UI terms used in translated files (generally operation manuals) against a terminology list you provide, so as to ensure the consistency in the usage of terms between the software and the manuals and online helps.

In Japanese documents in general, UI terms are notated in brackets, so it is relatively easy to extract and check them. For general terms other than UIs, however, it is necessary to use a special technique such as morphological analysis to extract nouns and compound nouns for the consistency check.