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File prep

DTP and Engineering

File Preparation and Conversion

We provide a separate service to prepare source translation files such as software string text files and software dump text files so that they can be properly translated using Trados. We use VBA programming to do this file preparation, so that once we develop a macro for a particular pattern, we can process hundreds of files in a batch mode.

We are very aware of character encoding schemes including Unicode and code-page issues.

Software string files

Using our knowledge of VBA programming, we can prepare software string source files to be ready for translation with Trados. Hundreds of files can be converted in a batch processing.


We can prepare FrameMaker files to S-Tag RTF files for translation, convert the translated bilingual files to bilingual table-format files, and after a proofreading task, convert them back to FrameMaker files.

MS Word

Sometimes you need to "prepare" Word files for efficient translation task when Word files contain many text boxes and graphics. Our tool can extract text from text boxes to a list.